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The success of our outlet business relies on the success of the retailers and landlords with whom we collaborate. In 2017, TOC Consulting Limited was established to provide services aimed toward creating a seamless cycle between all facets of the retail business. We utilize our long-standing relationships with mall developers, global and local retailers, distributors and franchisees to deliver the following services:

  • Market analysis and retail planning.  With our global experience, local presence, and in-depth understanding of the leading brands, we are in a unique position to evaluate new retail projects and develop a winning strategy that stands apart from the competition.

  • Comprehensive leasing services.  Our extensive connections with Presidents and CEOs of international brands combined with our strong retailer relationships on a regional and local level enable us to successfully lease a wide range of projects including full price malls, outlet malls, lifestyle centers, and mixed-use commercial projects. 

  • Brand strategies for market entry and growth.  With our local expertise and relationships with landlords, we can help brands to accelerate the growth of their business – by identifying flagship locations for new market entry or expanding their points of sale. For international brands seeking local franchisees, we can utilize our vast network to forge new connections and facilitate synergistic partnerships.

TOC Consulting Limited continues to blend the Vision, the Partners, the Retailers, and the Consumers in ways that shape the industry and pave the way for success.

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