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What We Do

TOC provides comprehensive Outlet development services, ensuring that site selection, planning, design, leasing, operations and marketing efforts are fully aligned to maximize shopping center productivity. We contribute our decades of global Outlet experience to deliver purposefully planned and professionally managed Outlet shopping centers that satisfy retailer demand and exceed customer expectations.

Site Selection, Planning & Design

The vision of a world-class Outlet shopping destination begins with strategic site selection and thorough development planning. We contribute our expertise to: 


  • Evaluate proposed Outlet sites, assess site conditions, and collaborate on final site selection. 

  • Develop a Project Program with recommendations for overall design, total leasable area, phasing plan, shop size requirements, parking ratio, operational requirements, and signage program. 

  • Develop a Conceptual Plan, jointly with our US-based architectural firm, including a Site Plan, Lease Plan and Architectural Renderings. 

  • Assist with the selection of a local architect and facilitate coordination with our Conceptual Design architect. 

  • Oversee the local architect during Design Development, Working Drawings, Contract Bidding and Contract Administration phases to ensure that the original design intent is achieved. 

Construction Management & Tenant Interior Construction Management

During the Construction Phase, we work closely with our local partner, architects, contractors, and tenants to ensure that global Outlet quality standards are achieved. Our team: 


  • Monitors onsite construction progress, and reviews all design modifications and construction change orders. 

  • Assists with training of Project Manager and Tenant Interior Construction Managers. 

  • Coordinates with our local partner to provide Tenant Interior Construction Guidelines, review architectural plans, manage handover of tenant suites, oversee completion of tenant interior construction and ensure timely opening of each store. 


Since 1999, our executive team has collaborated with leading global retailers to develop Outlet strategies in Asia and to open several of their top performing Outlet stores in the world.  We contribute our Outlet-specific expertise and extensive retailer relationships to provide the following services: ​

  • Evaluate existing retail penetration in the local market and prepare priority list of target retail brands. 

  • Develop effective, bilingual leasing collateral materials for domestic and international retailer presentations. 

  • Conduct face-to-face meetings with the Presidents/decision-makers of priority retail brands. Leverage existing relationships with international brands through regional contacts in Hong Kong, USA, Europe, etc. 

  • Present a suite-by-suite Merchandising Plan. 

  • Accompany target retailers to the project site and lead negotiations on lease terms. 

  • Coordinate with our local partner and its law firm to prepare a standard tenancy agreement consistent with global Outlet standards. 

  • Liaise between tenants, our local partner, and law firm during lease negotiations from initial lease proposal through execution of lease contract. 

Marketing & Operations 

We coordinate with our local partner to develop a Grand Opening Marketing Plan and ongoing Annual Marketing Plan to attract sophisticated shoppers and maximize sales productivity. The strategy includes: 

  • Advertising 

  • Public Relations 

  • Grand Opening Events 

  • Ongoing Sales & Events 

  • Onsite Marketing 

  • Coupon Book Program 

  • VIP Program 

  • Online Marketing 

  • Mobile Marketing 

  • Tourism Outreach 

We recommend, plan and execute programs for onsite services and amenities that help to achieve global Outlet standards and to satisfy the needs of our tenants and shoppers. These include: 

  • Children’s Playground 

  • Employee Cafeteria 

  • Baby Care Rooms 

  • Shuttle Bus Program

  • Delivery Service 

  • Tailoring Service 

  • VIP Shopper Club Lounge

  • Banking & ATM Facilities

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